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For more than 5 years Roshal’sky chemical plant "Nordix" is engaged in developing, manufacturing and saling special antifreezing liquids for various industries. Company Nordix offers ready coolants on acetate, formate basis and on the basis of propyleneglycol.
We offer a complex solution:
  • Coolants “Nordway”
  • We offer an individual approach to every customer

Coolants Nordway are certificated by Gosstandart of the Russian Federation, there is a sanitary-and-epidemiologic conclusion. Coolants Nordway. Scope of application

  • Systems of cooling.
  • Central airs.
  • Breweries.
  • Milk and meat factories/industries
  • Fish industry
  • Oil and fat industries.
  • Confectionery factories.
  • Ice skating rinks, health-improving complexes.

Coolants Nordway do not have a negative influence on a person and nature. They are allowed touse without restrictions, even at the food-processing industries. Nordway is flame- and explosion-proof, it is not toxic. Its escape in case of failure or working service do not break the balance of the environment. A class of danger is 4 (the lowest in classification). Among our partners: OS "SunInterBrew” , the JSC " Brewery Lyskovsky ", OS “Ledovo", an ice complex" the Skating rink. Ru", OS "Tula dairy combine", State Unitary Enterprise "Mosrybkombinat", The JSC " Irkutskpishcheprom".

RCP Nordix JSC
Tel.: (495) 787-87-07, 787-87-08, 317-84-63